Glock Hand Gun Card


Never been done before by anyone in the world. We have created a fully functioning payment card in the shape of the worlds most popular hand gun the Glock 19 in a Gun Mental Oil Finish. This card can be inserted in any credit card reader or swiped at any terminal. But it will not be functional at machines that requires the entire card to be inserted such as some gas station readers or ATM machines. But works in all other conditions.  The card can be laser engraved to have any design and all card information will be in the back of the card.

Choose Swatch Type

Gold Swatches

Rose Gold Swatches

Silver Swatches

Black Swatches

Dapp Colors

Leather Grain

In this design there is an option of having your name on the front as well.

Name on Front

Name on Front

Name on Card as per Design

Card Number

Expiry Date

Optional Text

Payment Mode Logos

Custom Card Insurance